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"Deadpool 2" delivers everything that fans of original movie were hoping to see - non-stop laughs, solid action sequences and even a very coherent story.

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Just like the first film “Deadpool 2” is funny, crazy, self-reflective, full with sarcasm, parody and irony. But it is even funnier, crazier, more self-reflective, full with even more sarcasm, parody and irony. In fact, it has much more of everything that the only thing keeping this film feeling like another installment of “Naked Gun” is that Leslie Nielsen is not in it.


Ex-mercenary turned mutant Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool has been busy. Very busy actually. Hunting various domestic and international criminals, executing their entourage in the most extensive way and making his targets regret they were born. That’s just what he does. But then he saves young mutant Russell, who calls himself Firefist. To his surprise he then realizes that a man has traveled from future to kill Russell. This man has a robotic arm (“just like Winter Soldier”) and calls himself Cable. Why he wants to kill Russell, he doesn’t tell, but Deadpool decides that he will not let Cable kill Russell at any cost. But for that he needs to assemble a superhero group called X-Force!

Deadpool (Reynolds) is rolling his eyes


This film is a total steroid sequel. Everything that we loved in the first film are not only taken up one notch, but been dialed all the way to 11. Film is non-stop flow of comedy and laughs, action and overall insanity. You forget time when watching it, there is just so much happening and so fast. On top of that, there are a lot of unexpected twists, turns and sudden plot changes through the whole film. Also using self-reflection and self-parody film pushes the boundary of the film perception to the limit.

But there is also some drawback to the comedy. There are several very dramatic scenes, that we shouldn’t be laughing at. And recovering from laughter hangover into these scenes was sometimes difficult. The dramatic effect thus sometimes was lost. The amount of self-reflection and parody actually pushes “Deadpool 2” into a different genre. In fact, there is so much overall slapstick that it reminded me of “Airplane!” and “Naked Gun” at times. It is not a bad thing at all, but when first film was trying to stay a little serious, “Deadpool 2” doesn’t give a rat’s ass about it.

Deadpool (Reynolds) tries to dodge bullets from Cable (Brolin)

What sets “Deadpool 2” apart from most of the films of this genre is actually deep story and evolution of the heroes. Writers give us a respectable villain, in the eyes of Cable, introduces new characters like Domino and Firefist, and develops old ones like Colossus. On top of this, film gives Deadpool a new motivation, new reason to evolve, move forward.


David Leitch, director of “John Wick” and “Atomic Blonde“, proves once again how amazingly good he is at making high-octane action films. I was a little worried after “Atomic Blonde”, but Leitch has a great comeback. He delivers his signature choreographed action sets in “Deadpool 2”. There is a very interesting slow-motion montage in the beginning of the film, that is purely insane. Chase sequence will totally blow your mind. Leitch even excels in the direction of CGI on CGI fight, making it believable and watchable.

What Leitch also does good is that he is able to keep this all the madness coherent. With constant one-liners and jabs from Deadpool character threatening to bring total chaos to the film, he is able to deliver a good story and keep us on track of what is happening. He also shows that he can handle dramatic scenes, though as I mentioned earlier, sometimes they get very diluted by the fits of laughter preceding these scenes.

Domino (Beetz) uses her superpower – luck


Ryan Reynolds is ballsier and crazier than first film. Despite that most of the time he spends behind the mask, he makes Deadpool a believable and relatable character. And though his moral choices are extremely weird and at times borderline wrong, audience connects with the character purely through Reynolds’ performance. Josh Brolin delivers Cable who is basically a human version of Terminator, literally in everything. And I know people will hate me, but he is much better Cable than he is Thanos. Supporting cast has a new addition of Zazie Beetz as lucky Domino. She totally smokes her role and I think will become a fan favorite. Special credit goes to Julian Dennison who plays young mutant Russell. His character is basically everything that Deadpool isn’t and Dennison plays him with a specific charm. Also, be on a watch-out for multiple cameos.


“Deadpool 2” delivers everything that fans of original movie were hoping to see and more. It has a lot of comedy, solid action sequences and even dramatic scenes that will make you forget the time and just enjoy the show.

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