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Kino-AZ.com - Reviews on movies, TV shows, games and more!Hello and welcome to Kino-AZ.com! This is the place where you can read my reviews movies, TV shows, games and more. I hope you enjoy yourself on the website and my reviews are useful to you.

Wait a minute, who are you?

My name is Murad. I am an independent filmmaker, movie critic, gamer and, at the same time, an oil and gas engineer.

How come you are writing reviews?

I was introduced to movie reviews of Roger Ebert in 2006 and I was very surprised to see how much common we have in our opinions about specific movies. It made me realize that I can myself be writing movie reviews. Since then I have been writing movie reviews semi-permanently on various blogs, forums and social media. In 2011, I have decided to take it a level up and created Kino-AZ.com, website where I can share my reviews with everyone.

I get it, you are one of those film nerds who only knows how to critique work of others, right?

Actually, I am also an independent filmmaker. I have made 3 short films, which have been shown on multiple indie film festivals worldwide. I have also won several movie awards for my films. You can check out my production company DRP Studio. As a matter of fact, you can check out my short film Pheromone right HERE.

What’s with the name? What Kino-AZ means?

Simply, “kino” is a shortened version of “kinematograph” from Greek (“cinematography” in English). AZ means A to Z.

So what movies are you writing on?

I review films as I see them. I rarely write about film I saw some time ago, because I believe that it is important to have a first impression about film. Some of movies I catch upon their theatrical release, some on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon, some on VOD channels. Sometimes even DVD’s. I have reviews for films I have seen on airplane. It doesn’t really matter to me. Of course, I try to review films that are just released, because people are more interested in them. But I also like to write about some hidden gems I have stumbled upon from previous years or even decades. If it’s new to me I’d review it.

What do you value most in the film?

In my opinion, films are made to entertain us. To make us feel something new, something we never ever thought about. To make us imagine and believe in things. For me the most important aspect of the film is the entertainment part. Because, if I am not enjoying watching the film, then why do I waste time on it?

Does that mean you are some kind of arthouse weirdo?

Conversely. I call myself “equal opportunity critic”. That is, it doesn’t matter to me what style, genre, target audience, complexity, intellect, message the film has. I do enjoy ANY kind of movie, as long as it is coherent, understandable, and fun to watch. Among my favorite films are “Stalker” and “Starship Troopers”, “Seven Samurai” and “10 Things I Hate About You”, “Spirited Away” and “Despicable Me”.

What about spoilers?

I hate spoilers. I have even stopped watching movie trailers, because some of them give so much away. I do whatever I can in my reviews to minimize spoiling the film. When I write I try do consider the perspective of a person who hasn’t seen the film yet. As such, I am aware that it is not possible to review the film and not spoil anything. For that I apologize beforehand.

Do you have a schedule for reviews?

I try to write at least three film reviews per given week. Of course, it depends on what films I get to watch and also my personal schedule. Usually, I try to write in following order:

  • Monday – No reviews
  • Tuesday – Movie
  • Wednesday – Game
  • Thursday – Movie
  • Friday – No reviews
  • Saturday – Movie
  • Sunday – TV Show

Of course, this schedule is subject to change at any time, but I will try to stick to it as much as I can.

How do you review TV shows?

Some of them I will review on per season, if I binge watch them. Some of them will be on episode basis.

What about games?

Games are a little intricate. To have a full opinion on the game, I think it is important to complete the game. But taking into account that it can take almost 200 hours for some titles like Witcher 3, I might split the reviews in several sections. I will definitely not post a game review before I play at least 10 hours.

Wow! This all looks good! Can’t wait to read your reviews! Are you also on social media?

In this day and age – of course! You can find us on:

You can also CONTACT US directly and I will get back to you soon.