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Energetic, unapologetic, sarcastic, angry, deranged, emotional, brutal, hilarious and extremely entertaining show that will make any Watchmen fan jealous.

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“THE BOYS” is all what true Watchmen fans were hoping to see from the not-so-well received film and maybe the new TV show. Just like Alan Moore’s untimely masterpiece it’s energetic, unapologetic, sarcastic, angry, deranged, emotional, brutal, hilarious and extremely entertaining. Which is to say it’s complete opposite of whatever vanilla crap MCU or DCU can offer. Imagine living in the world where superheroes do exist. Would it be shiny little world or a place where mere superhuman powers can give you control over whole population? What would keep you from abusing that power? Would you not turn this thing into a money-making machine full with fake news, manicured storylines and franchising? But what will happen when a group of guys (so-called “boys”) decide that enough is enough and that superheroes must answer for all wrongdoings?

Show is very well done. It is obvious that Amazon has not kept the budgets tight and production thus is very impressive. Acting and writing is very good. I really enjoyed how much show spends time developing minor characters and giving everyone a certain evolution arcs (kinda reminded of another show that did that for 7 seasons and then managed to magnificently screw it all up in 8th). Thus just like in Watchmen, there are not good or bad guys, there are light gray or dark gray guys (whole 50 shades of… damn, nevermind).

Show is not without faults, as usual with streaming shows pacing slumps in the middle, but then explosively picks up. I also didn’t like the ending much. It seemed more like an end of episode and not a certain full stop of season finale.

And if you are not convinced that this show is awesome – I watched all episodes over a weekend, with last 6 of them in one single day. Last time I binge-watched a show like this was first season of Stranger Things.



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