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While maintaining same structure, Second season of DARK surprisingly is even better than phenomenal first season, building upon storytelling, acting and directing.

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After the epic first season expectations were high. How many shows do you know that were able to deliver if not better, but at least equally awesome second season after having such an explosive first one? Whatever your answer, DARK will top that list.

Firstly, the story doesn’t stop, divert or introduce new random crap just for the sake of the new season. When other shows make things up as they go, it seems creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese had planned all events well in advance. And this all with the introduction of 2 more time cycles with their own masterfully written and explored heroes and events. Old questions get answered in a timely manner, but new ones pop up immediately. So, structurally it still is the same show, but bigger, deeper, crazier and overall better.

Secondly, the setting moved from rainy nights of November to sunny days of June. If you think that it would lighten the mood you will be grossly mistaken. June in the fictional town of Winden is still full of secrets, lies, betrails, misery, and, yes, terror.

Thirdly, with now 5 (!) time cycles you would think you’d be lost. But even here everything is structured and edited perfectly. Odar has a huge task to keep everything grounded and he succeeds with flying colors. And this is still with the introduction of newer characters and new actors who portray heroes at different time cycles. Which leads to:

Casting is PHENOMENAL! With a total actor count pushing 60, not only everyone is just an amazing addition, but they convincingly look and play the same characters at different ages! Man, even GAME OF THRONES sucked at casting convincing young Ned Stark. In DARK the resemblance between the young and old version of the hero is so straight you don’t even think twice.

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