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“Eternals” is actually a very good film, if you can imagine it being outside of MCU. Unfortunately, you can’t.

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“Eternals” is actually a very good film, if you can imagine it being outside of MCU. Unfortunately, you can’t. Everything is so intertwined with rest of MCU, that film has to go great length to establish exposition with regard to it. Several times numerous characters ask why Eternals never intervened with Thanos, to which they get replies of sort “we were told not to interfere with human conflicts”. Hold on, though, didn’t Thanos wipe out half of WHOLE UNIVERSE and humans are mere nobodies on that scale? You know where I am going with this?

If you can close your eyes to this kind of inconsistencies, then film is very, very enjoyable. Cast is very fluid and dynamic. I really enjoyed Gemma Chan and her melancholic/grounded portrayal of Sersi. Both Stark brothers Richard Madden and Kit Harrington fit really well. Selma Hayek played matriarchal role perfectly. Even usually obnoxious Kumail Nanjiani was fun to watch.

But the best part was Angelina Jolie, or rather very limited use of her. This reminded me of her similar role in “Wanted”, where she played character who had very little to say and instead perform with her actions. This, in my opinion, proves that she must stick to supporting roles and not main ones.

Director Chloe Zhao gave film a lot of exposition and dialogues, which is surprising for an MCU film. This mostly comes from her background of indie filmmaker. These scenes are heartfelt and well made. She tried to balance it out with action sequences (she said they were inspired by Revenant – spoiler alert – not even close). Unfortunately, those were not well paced, choreographed and edited.

Regarding writing, as with any MCU film, there is an incredible amount of plotholes (not going to dive into for spoilers, but hit me up if you have seen the film and we can talk about it). I also didn’t like attempt at “inclusiveness”, which in my opinion, was just a gimmick. Oh look, we have first hearing impaired character, LGBTQ+ character, Pakistani, Indian, Koren, Chinese actors. Ok. Good for you. Now how that serves the story?

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