Terminator: Dark Fate

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There is a potential for an interesting story buried deep under messy action scenes and bad CGI, but "Terminator: Dark Fate" is never able to act on turning this film into a completely avoidable feature.

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“TERMINATOR: DARK FATE” is an extremely avoidable film. Not because it is bad or good but because it is essentially a vivid example of Hollywood capitalism. After mediocre Genisys didn’t make enough money and the idea for the new sequels has been hastily scrapped studio rushed into a frenzy of recovering lost IP. And how better can it be done if not going back to the roots? Bring back Cameron! Schwarzenegger! Hamilton (actually I was really happy to see both and they were awesome)! Ignore all sequels (however good or bad)! Add cool director!

Honestly, I think there is a good film somewhere deep in “DARK FATE”. I really do. Behind messy action sequences, questionable casting choices, CGI that sometimes looks worse than MATRIX RELOADED (wtf really?), weird character development, stupid one-liners that look like been directly taken from COMMANDO, glaring plot holes and caricature versions of T800 and Sarah Connor, there actually is an interesting storyline. The first 20 seconds of the film really hooked me and I was intrigued. But then it all went to crap due to bad writing and inability of the writers to capitalize on the idea.

Tim Miller directed first DEADPOOL, but here he has lost all credibility. In the era of highly choreographed, realistic action films when we have TAKEN, JOHN WICK, hell even both DEADPOOLs to have such a messy direction of action sequences is not only a sin, but an insult to the viewer. Even latest MCU films have resolved to better organized action sequences. In DARK FATE fights turn into one solid jump-cut and extreme close-ups. Punches fly, shots  get fired, someone does something – everything is one big blur. This is TRANSFORMERS level bad, man!

The worst tho for me was the marketing campaign. All cool and interesting stuff have been exposed openly in all trailers. Could you not keep at least something for the film? Anything?

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