The Dark Knight Rises

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Ending to a great trilogy about caped crusaded delivers as promised, but feels meek in comparison to "The Dark Knight" both in story and execution.

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One movie later the trilogy is over. One of the most innovative and addictive movie trilogies has come to an end with the elaborate chapter called “The Dark Knight Rises”. And it feels good.

8 years later from the events of “The Dark Knight” Gotham City is a peaceful place. All the criminals have been captured by Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman). Batman is in exile for killing Harvey Dent. But so is Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), who prefers complete seclusion in the endless amount of bedrooms of his manor. He is rusted, broken, and in visible pain. His loyal butler Alfred (Michael Caine) is trying to get him back to world, but to no avail. But only one person can – Selena Kyle (Anne Hathaway), a thief nicknamed Cat. She breaks into Bruce’s “uncrackable” safe and steals his mother’s jewels. However Bruce notices that was not the only thing Selena stole – she also took a sample of his fingerprints. Puzzled as why she needs them Bruce starts his investigation, which leads to someone called Bane (Tom Hardy), who lives underground in sewer tunnels and is planning an anarchistic takeover of the world with his army of loyal soldiers. And he wears a mask too.

All this unfolds with steady direction of Christopher Nolan. He gives us a different picture than previous films. Whereas “Dark Knight” was dark and gloomy, “Rises” is bright and even gloomier. The sun is up, but the atmosphere is not happy. Its as dark as it might be. Whats interesting is that every secondary character (and there’s a LOT of them) gets a distinguished screen time. As a matter of fact the amount of time devoted to secondary characters leaves Batman way in the shadow. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes not so much. Nolan spends a big portion of the film time with no presence of Batman at all. Which gives an opportunity to look into Bruce Wayne character more deeply. Bale is finally able to show real emotions that passes thru mind of secretive billionaire.

Tom Hardy as Bane,  spends the whole film behind mask, which makes his voice unbearably difficult to understand. In return his mannerisms speak for himself. His emotionless face gives a different edge to emotional Joker (Heath Ledger) from previous film. He is menacing, a real power and brain match for Batman. And he is going to give Batman some challenge. Bane is a complete terrorist – he just want one thing – watch everything burn.

Anne Hathaway delivers an interesting portrayal of Catwoman, although not as effective as Michelle Pfeifer in “Batman Returns”, she is good in her own way. She is sexy, seductive, and cunning. Michael Caine as Alfred, finally gets a chance to tell his mind and in doing so turns into most sympathetic character in the film.

Overall films lacks crazy action sequences from previous film, but offers complicated and elaborate ones instead, filled with crazy visuals and cinematography unlike any other movie. Final confrontation and the ending fits the best. Nolan finds a perfect way to end the trilogy. Yes, it could have been better. But I was completely satisfied with how film turned out to be.