Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Final Thoughts

Long runtime, unnecessary plotlines, decision to make film serious and fun at the same time hinders this action-packed installment of Star Wars franchise to be even an average film.

Overall Score 3.2
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I think at this point everyone asks themselves “do we need another Star Wars movie?” But no, the great Hollywood machine must march forward. Disney paid big dollar for the Star Wars franchise and now needs not only to recover money, but also make profits off it. At least, they are doing it right. They understand the incredible task they have on their hands. That the only way to make profits off it is to satisfy the biggest fan base in movie history and also add new viewers to this army. Thus they are investing in the story, directing and marketing as much as they can. So we have The Last Jedi.

Story continues from where it left from “Force Awakens” – Resistance fighters led by Leia are on the brink of destruction by New Order, brave Finn is unconscious and Rey is set to make herself a jedi. And that is basically all you need to know, because that is what this film is – three separate films woven together for no reason altogether. Constant shift of focus from one story to another sometimes makes you wonder, wouldn’t it be better if all these stories would have made into three different films? Or even better, maybe make them Pulp Fiction style?

But wait, that won’t do. Because on their own these three stories would not even make a properly watchable material. In fact, the whole Finn storyline, starting with a crazy plan to destroy tracker and ending with a trip to some casino-planet was not only weird, but also really pointless. What it did achieve in terms of story propagation is totally ignorable and in terms of hero development completely unnecessary. And don’t get me started on the plot holes.

Then there is this constant motion to make film the most serious of Star Wars films and still make it goofy and fun. Which is as stupid as writing a constitution with comic sans. I understand, they wanted to make film full of adventure as “Empire Strikes Back” and also to make it psychological as “Dark Knight”, but you can’t have this two at the same time! Not unless you have a genius director at the helm. And (to give him proper credit) Rian Johnson does a solid work, but he is not the person to deliver this. He manages to make film watchable, entertaining and interesting, but that is maximum what he can do.

Which brings me to the entertainment part of it. I really enjoyed the build up. Rey’s adventures with Kylo and Luke were very well made. There was solid lightsaber action. But the ending made me yawn.