Seven Psychopaths

The great Wikipedia defines psychopathy as “a personality disorder that has been variously described as characterized by shallow emotions (in particular reduced fear)”. Unlike any other mind disorders, psychopathy is hard to spot, because psychopaths are mostly clever, cunning, and manipulative beings. You don’t want to know their true faces. I think every movie should have this kind of character. Tho “Seven Psychopaths” has (surprise!) seven of them.

Its another shiny day, but for Marty (Colin Farell)  its another day of torture – he is supposed to deliver a screenplay, and yet all he has is the name for his next movie Seven Psychopaths. See, he wants to write about 7 psychopathic characters who embark on emotional journey. Or maybe not, because even Marty doesn’t really know what he wants to make out of it. His friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) meanwhile tries to “deliver” something for Marty to write about. Especially the story of a crazy serial killer who hunts down local mafia hitmen. This guy makes the first in the list of Marty’s 7. All Marty wants is suddenly provided for him when Billy’s shady side job with his partner Hans (Christopher Walken) of dog kidnapping puts mafia boss Charlie (Woody Harrelson) against them. But you won’t understand a psychopath unless you are a psychopath yourself.

The most original screenplay this year comes from “In Bruges” writer/director Martin McDonagh. The complexity of on-screen action is a tough job to deliver. Especially in the tone that the movie tries to portray itself, McDonagh performs his task perfectly. He gets an interesting screenplay and makes it equally good to watch. The comedic tone of the movie resembles the same tactics of Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie, yet has its own touch of romanticism that “In Bruges” was so famous for. I think movie could have gone two ways. I am happy that the tone McDonagh selected was the right one. In any other case, this would have been a very sad film.

Acting is probably the best. Farell, used to be in a lead parts, doesn’t overwhelm the scenes, he shares most of it with Rockwell (probably his best role yet) and incredible Walken, who puts in even more charm into his part than in any other movie. Harrelson has a natural charisma, that I doubt anyone else could have brought to this role.

There’s incredible amount of blood and violence in this film, so be advised. See they are psychopaths, they don’t have all the empathy regular people have.

Amazing film.


Final Thoughts

Interesting script, incredible acting and masterfully done, this movie will be a gem for criminal comedy enthusiasts.

Overall Score 4.5
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