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Very nice completion of the TV show, this film gives the fans long awaited closure and a very fun spectacle.

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When I started this blog I decided NOT to write about the movies I have seen before. First of all, I’m sure I had different set of mind when I saw it first, secondly by second or third viewing one starts to see all the other things, faults, mistakes, cute little “easter eggs” he/she hasn’t noticed before. So in order to get unbiased review as possible it was decided to write only about movies JUST seen for the first time.¬†However, I am going to make an exception in this case. I did see “Serenity” when it came out back in 2005, it was on TV and didn’t strike me much at the time, to the point that I didn’t remember ANYTHING about this film. So this review, I suppose, justifies the “rules”.

In the year of 2517 humanity leaves in a relative peace. Independent insurgents are defeated by Alliance, who is now in control of all the stars and intergalaxy space. Oh yeah, and people have found a new star system with incredible amount of planets and moved there. In all this mess one spaceship “Serenity” with very interesting crew tries to survive taking under the table jobs, which are not usually legal. The captain of the ship is rebellious captain Mal Raynolds (Nathan Fillion). He is forced to pick up 2 fugitives on the course of their travel – young doctor who is trying to save his talented little sister River from the hands of Alliance. The thing no one knows is that Alliance has been experimenting on River and is not looking to loose an important asset…

What you need to know is that this is NOT a “star wars” type of movie, with incredible amount of ugly creatures and ridiculous supernatural plots. As a matter of fact, in the Serenity universe there are no aliens. Just the people. The film was conceived as “space western” and director Joss Whedon keeps it that way. Essentially if you strip all the CGI and space themes you will see “Serenity” as a very good western with badass cowboys.

“Serenity” ¬†is a direct continuation of short-lived, but extremely popular TV series “Firefly“. Answering to all the open questions left by the cancellation of the show, film tries to stand alone as a separate entity. It manages so, by introducing the characters and their main traits in the beginning of the movie. Film progresses with incredible speed, and has very interesting action sequences. Nevertheless, I would really suggest watching the whole TV show (its only 15 episodes) to understand the whole idea behind it. I really enjoyed the whole Firefly+Serenity package. I’d give the whole package 9 out of 10. But for the movie ONLY I’m giving 8/10.

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