Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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Full of plot holes, disposable characters, pacing issues, lack of common sense and nostalgia porn, RISE OF SKYWALKER is a disappointing conclusion to trilogy that started so well

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“STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER” could have been an acceptable film if I’d be able to cast aside all plot holes, inconsistencies, pacing issues, irrational character decisions, highly disposable quest, stupid villains, cliche dialogues and my total lack of expectations of this film.

But, not to digress, I was looking forward to seeing how J.J. Abrams would tie up and end this trilogy. After all, trailer did look nice and interesting. But, how wrong I was. It feels like instead of having a certain plot line in mind for the whole trilogy Abrams and Co. made up plot as they went along. Thus, characters so meticulously created and explored in previous films are either proved to be completely pointless (Poe, Finn, BB-8) or totally abandoned and shamelessly ignored (Rose). 

Instead we have scenes with Princess Leia (isn’t she supposed to be Queen by now?) that have been SO OBVIOUSLY stitched from existing footage of Carrie Fisher for previous films, answering in templates. And certain appearances of certain dead characters just to deepen the nostalgia that never comes. And, yes, C-3PO who can’t shut the f%$& up for a second. 

Regardless, “RISE OF SKYWALKER” is a spectacle of film when it comes to action. Lightsaber fights are extremely fun to watch and final space sequence also felt great to watch. However, the film is so jam-packed with these sequences that adding numerous nostalgia porn leads to extreme pacing issues. Abrams doesn’t even try to help the film here, throwing characters from one locale to another, sending them on a ridiculous quest that (surprise!) shouldn’t have been a quest to begin with. 

Overall, I did know that I would not receive  “RISE OF SKYWALKER” well, but I didn’t know it would disappoint me so much. And I am not even a Star Wars fan.

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