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Westworld – S03

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Bloated, snobbish, ridiculous and redundant, season 3 of WESTWORLD managed to make one of the best TV shows mundane.

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“WESTWORLD – SEASON 3” somehow proves a point that HBO can’t handle season finales in the month of May. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nowhere close to the catastrophe that befell the other fan favorite show inconspicuously called GAME OF THRONES. But, still season 3 of a TV show that once I considered mind-blowing, intelligent, groundbreaking, imaginative and most importantly smartest TV show that always keeps you on the edge of your seat not only failed to meet my high expectations, but disappointed to the highest extent.

Season 3 is nothing like that. Smart storylines become snobbish propaganda. Mind-blowing aspects became ridiculous and cliche. Plotlines that led to nothing in particular. Character arcs that became more and more illogical (this really didn’t make any sense since most of the characters were AI). Decisions that were stupid to say the least. New characters were boring. Old ones became impotent. 

Writing is essential in anything and third season of WESTWORLD lacks subtlety, intelligence or any proper emotion.

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