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Instantly entertaining, yet derailed by redundant rotoscoping gimmick, UNDONE is an interesting show that suddenly goes down the drain with over-emotional context, pseudo sci-fi writing and ridiculous ending

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“UNDONE” is a story of a young woman named Alma who starts seeing her dead father that tells her she can time travel and change reality. Or, it’s a story of a depressed, PTSD, self-destructive, vile young woman who experiences hallucinations and doesn’t want to do anything about it. I mean, it really depends on how you look at it.

But regardless, UNDONE is another story that tries to blend reality with imaginary worlds and time travel. Reality unravels, Alma’s perception of now and here gets blurry (mind not necessarily because of her trauma but also because of people around her), her actions make less and less sense and it is all hidden behind pseudo science fiction story.

It actually started really nice, and though rotoscoping animation quickly proved to be an annoying gimmick, I was hooked by the second episode and was sucked into the story very deep. Timeline and perspective changes were very Philip K. Dick-esque (ie. very impressive for me). Emotional involvement was growing and need of catharsis and explanations was peaking but then it went just downhole.

Problem is that writers are not Philip K. Dick and not even proper sci-fi writers. As such everything turns into emotional context, concentrating on feelings and violating all rules set by the series from the first episode. Heroes become more and more unlikeable. If I felt Alma’s struggles in first episodes, I was completely detached from her and any other characters because none of them could make me believe and root for them. And whole explanation and ending not only didn’t make sense, but had very little impact on me.

Disappointed I was since as I mentioned the first six episodes really were interesting, but the last two never delivered. UNDONE was just undone. Acting was good, but again all masked behind rotoscoping animation, which, man, annoyed the hell out of me.

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