Den of Thieves

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Despite usual to heist films ridiculousness and plot holes DEN OF THIEVES is a well made action film with intense action sequences, charismatic character development and will never make you bored.

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“DEN OF THIEVES” plays out as a modern version of Michael Mann’s HEAT, but instead of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro we have Gerald Butler as a cocaine-sniffing sheriff and Pablo Schreiber as a ex-marine-turned-bank robber. And of course not Michael Mann at the helm of it. 

By default, you can easily assume that this film will be worse than HEAT, I mean how could it not? You will be correct that this film could never replicate HEAT’s intense suspense, character building and incredible action sequences. But you will be surprised how well DEN OF THIEVES actually turns out to be. Action sequences are well choreographed and directed, drama is very easily conveyed, and most importantly the characters are not just faceless pawns in the hands of screenwriters. Each major character and even supporting cast has a proper story arc, an evolution, which is totally surprising for this kind of film.

Yes, there are off-the-wall heist antics and ridiculous coincidences and twist upon twist situations, which are usual trademark for modern heist films. And if in some cases one might close his eyes on the plot holes in DEN OF THIEVES there are a couple of moments where it was too obvious. 

Film is also very well cast. Butler and Schreiber fit their roles perfectly and totally complement each other as the guys on the other end of the law. Even 50 Cent looks proper as one of the thugs. However, I didn’t quite like O’Shea Jackson Jr’s casting. He might have played his dad well in STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, but here he somehow feels out of his element. 

Most remarkable thing about DEN OF THIEVES for me though was that film ran freaking 140 minutes, but not even once I felt bored or even remotely tired watching this film.

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